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Drawloom Projects

Lithuanian Opphämta (Shaft Draw Opphämta on 21 Pattern Shafts) with Monksbelt – (prerequisite: Drawloom Basics)

2017 Tues-Fri:
Farm studio:  June 20-23,  July 4-7, Sept 12-15, Oct 17-20


Weave: Opphämta
Warp: 16/2 cotton, unbleached
Weft: 16/2 linen & 16/1 linen
Width – 105 cm
Price: $75 per day + $78/meter (materials included)

IMG_5624Inspired by Kati Meek’s book Relections from a Flaxen Past for Love of Lithuanian Weaving, we proudly offer this treat of a warp. Take this opportunity to weave a wide piece of Opphämta, with Monksbelt stripes as used in Lithuania’s breathtaking traditional costumes. If you do not need traditional garb of this type, two or three panels of weaving would make a beautiful fabric for any skirt, blouse or apron. A woven tablecloth is always a good option. Kati offers us a plentiful selection of beautiful 21 shaft patterns in her book, and we have many other patterns here in the studio library to inspire students to create their own designs.


Damask “Pie-Crust” Tablecloth – (prerequisite: Drawloom Basics)

2017 Tues-Fri:
Farm studio: May 9-12, May 16-19,  June 20-23, July 4-7, Sept 12-15, Oct 17-20

Lattice Weave: 8-shaft satin
Warp: 35/2 linen, unbleached
Weft: 35/2 linen or 16/1 linen
Width – Width: 100 cm [120 cm Standard]
Price: $75 per day + $126/meter (materials included)

Cindy's This is an outstanding piece and epitomizes the rare opportunity in our drawloom studio to weave fine satin damask in linen. The plied linen warp is a joy to weave on with its 19 pattern shafts. There are 3 border shafts and the other 16 pattern shafts have a straight threading, so endless other patterns could be chosen, as long as they are 16 units wide.


Single Unit Damask in linen – (prerequisite: Drawloom Basics)

2017 Tues-Fri:
Barn studio: May 9-12, May 16-19, June 20-23 (it could be chilly in early May, dress warmly!)

Starting to weave the Beastie's tailWeave: 6 shaft satin – 140 units
Warp: 16/2 linen, unbleached
Weft: 6/1 tow linen
Width – 70 cm
Price: $75 per day + $93/meter (materials included)

As with any single unit draw, you can design anything at all on graph paper. If you want to design from a photograph, you’re welcome to use our light table to fine tune your design. I have developed a unique way to save the border design around my Dragon on the two sides of the loom, so if you are intrigued to use this pattern on your two selvage edges, the pre-saved pattern  makes it quicker than picking the new row each time.


Shaft Draw Damask on 11 pattern shafts – (from Drawloom Basics Class) – (prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics or Drawloom Basics)

2017 Tues-Wed/Thur-Fri:
at Farm Studio:  June 20–23, July 4-7

Shaft draw runner with 11 pattern shaftsWeave: 8 shaft satin
Warp: 8/2 cotton warp – Navy
Weft: 16/2 linen
Width – 38 cm
Price: $75 per day + $50 /meter (materials included)

Anna Lisa wove Lobsters!

Everybody loves using the little wooden handle pulls on this kind of drawloom. You can weave an endless variety of symmetrical motifs on the 10

Shaft Draw Damask from our Basics warp with 3 colors.

pattern shaft pointed threading. The weaving goes relatively quickly, so a long runner is easily within reach, even within a short session. The design process could be as simple as choosing one motif to repeat the entire way, giving a timeless and elegant result. or the piece could be carefully composed of many different patterns and colors allowing yourself the time and freedom to design as you go can also result in some amazing and unusually beautiful creations.


Opphämta Runner – (from Drawloom Basics Class)
(Shaft Draw Opphämta on 10 Pattern Shafts) – (prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics or Drawloom Basics)

2017 Tues-Wed/Thur-Fri:
at Farm Studio:  June 20–23, July 4-7


Weave: Opphämta
Warp: 16/2 cotton warp – unbl.
Weft: 16/2 linen pattern, 16/1 linen tabby
Width – 37 cm
Price: $75 per day + $32/meter (materials included)


Weaving Opphämta on this pointed threading with just two threads per pattern unit allows for beautiful, finely-detailed patterns, but moves much more quickly than our larger piece with 21 pattern shafts. Combining different colors, patterns and compositions provides an enriching food for the brain and soul. You will remain engaged and interested in this tantalizing weaving process for hours and days on end! Becky can provide you with pattern resources from the library to get you started on creating your own.


Single Unit Damask with Pattern Saving Lashes – (from Drawloom Basics Class) – (prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics or Drawloom Basics)

2017 Tues-Wed/Thur-Fri:
at Farm Studio:  June 20–23, July 4-7

We have these 3 patterns saved on our

Weave: 5-shaft satin
Warp: 28/2 linen, half bleached
Weft: 16/2 linen
Width: 50 cm [125 cm Öxabäck]
Price: $75 per day + $78/meter (materials included)
We currently have three different saved patterns to pick from on this loom. There is a smaller pattern of two kissing dragons, which we use in our Drawloom Basics class. We also have a more intricate pattern from a turn-of-the-century Swedish pattern book. This can be woven as a square piece, or repeated to make a truly amazing runner. You could also use the fabric for any other creative purpose. Since this loom is set up as a single unit drawloom, you could add your own one-of-a-kind patterns into the piece. This could even include weaving in your name and the date.